A couple of complaints already.

I’ve been here for 2.5 days and I’ve already got stuff to complain about. Well, darn.

I thought that being in Seoul would detract from my “black-ness,” (due to the amount of foreigners here) but, I’ve already had my picture taken, been called out, stared at, and whatnot.

We went on field trip today with one of the clubs here at Sogang in which we visited Gyeonbokgung (an ancient palace). It was long, hot, and slightly boring, but it was still fun, somehow. We were walking during the tour of the palace, and a Korean saw me, grabbed his camera, and took my picture!! Do I look like the tourist attraction? We’re at a palace for Christ’s sake!! Jeez. I wasn’t a huge fan of that.

As we were leaving the palace, a huge group of guys from some country in Africa were entering. I was in a group of about 120 exchange students and I was the only one they stared at. They started pointing at  me and shouting things at me in some language I don’t know. That was frustrating. Help a sista, out! (lol..I don’t actually talk that way. *sidenote*)

On a lighter note, my friend (who is also American, just light-skinned) and I were walking in Sinchon to get some bubble tea near Yonsei University. As we were walking, a Korean guy stops me (not my friend) and here’s our conversation:

Guy: Hey! Me: Hey.. Guy: Where are you from? Me: America! Guy: Wow!!! Are you from Texas? I like Texas! Me: *chuckles* No, I’m from Ohio. Guy: Oh, ok. Well, peace out! Hahaha peace out!”

Now, Lord knows he wouldn’t have said “peace out” if I wasn’t dark-skinned. :sigh: But it was pretty funny. He seemed very happy to talk to me. I just don’t want to be a commodity. Oh well.

Done ranting. Darn homogenous country that I love.

Peace out,



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