So, I’m freaking finally in Korea. I feel like I’ve been here forever, but it’s only been two and half days. Holy poop I have so much to write about. I’ll try to make it as entertaining as possible.

The flight. My flight to Korea, though delayed, was the best flight I’ll probably ever take in my life. Because I got the hook-up for a super cheap standby flight, I was not guaranteed a seat to Korea. When I got to the airport, I nervously waited for the Delta lady at my flight’s gate to call my name. She called me up, I asked for a window seat, and was handed a boarding pass. Victory!! I checked my boarding pass to see which zone I was seated in. I was super confused when I saw that my ticket didn’t have a zone on just said “PREM” and “class: bus”. I went back up to the counter to ask what my zone was and was told that I was in business class!! BAHHHHH I was so surprised. I think they only had business class seats left, so that’s where I was placed:) I’m so lucky and blessed!! I was so excited that I took a picture.


They seriously treat people in business class so much nicer than everybody else. We were given menus, slippers, a warm blanket, two pillows, a toiletry bag full of things to use, a touch screen television, our chair could turn into a bed, and free champagne (which I didn’t take, of course). We were seriously spoiled. I slept like a baby almost the entire time. I wanted to be productive during that flight!! Oh well.

The arrival. Whilst on the flight, they give you an “Arrival Card” and “Customs Declaration” form to fill out before you get to the airport. I usually just check “no” for everything on the customs form, but this time, I brought a large container of perfume with me from America. The limit is 60ml if you don’t want to declare it, but I had about 350ml. Oopsie poopsies. Needless to say, I was not trying to get kicked out of the country, so I declared it. I went to the Customs deck and they told me it would be a $50 tax to bring those into the country. Dear Lord I was NOT going to pay that much. I asked them in Korean if I could just throw it away because I only paid $1.50 for one of the bottles and only $12 for the other (they were on super sale at Vicky’s Secret). He looked at me, muttered something to himself, and told me to just take them. “Just go,” as he brushed me away. Victory number 2! I got to keep my perfume:) And he told me that I spoke Korean well. *mini victory*

The Journey to Seoul. First of all, contrary to popular belief, the airport is not in Seoul, it’s in Incheon. Anyway, had I arrived to Korea when I was supposed to about a week ago, I would’ve had somebody to pick me up. Welp, that didn’t happen. I was told to take a bus to Sinchon station from Incheon Airport and then a taxi to Sogang. Got on the bus, wasn’t a problem. Got off the bus, it was pouring down rain, didn’t have an umbrella, had a crapload of luggage, problem. I could barely cross the street without dropping my stuff and was getting soaked in the process. Great. Well, I finally crossed and was waiting for a taxi when a  girl offered me her umbrella! *mini victory* So, I got in a taxi, he took me to Sogang (my university) and asked me where I wanted to be dropped off. Welp, I didn’t know where I was supposed to go. He started shouting out the window and asking where exchange students should go. So sweet!! He dropped me off in front of my dorm and as soon as I got out of the taxi, a man asked me if I was Christina. Why yes, I am. He took me inside and ended up being the Dean of my dormitory who had been waiting for me to arrive. Victory #3!

That’s all for this pretty boring first post full of info that I pretty much want to document for my future self.

On a side note, my first meal in Korea was Popeye’s. And so was my second. Did I ever leave America?

‘Til next time,



2 thoughts on “Finally.

  1. Hey!! Can you send me your phone number? my name is Kirsten and I’m stationed here. Fluent in Korean because of my job, but im getting out soon and I want to study here. I would love to find out how you did it

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