Blackness · Jeonju

Sticking out.

It happened again, everyone. I got my picture taken. Again. By other foreigners. In a foreigner-filled amusement park. I don’t understand. I threw up a peace sign and put on my brightest smile. I hope they were happy.

But yeah, we were at Everland (the foregeiner-filled amusement park) and we were sitting down after a fun ride when a little girl walks up to me and just stares. She continues to do so for awhile. I wonder if I’m the first dark-skinned person she’s ever seen.

On the bright side, I’m easy to find. I have a lot of friends in America that have been introducing me to their Korean friends here. Every time I have to meet somebody, it happens almost instantly. They give me a detailed description of what they’re wearing or sometimes even send me a picture so that I know what to look for in the sea of homogeneity. I, on the the other hand, don’t have to do anything!! I’m an easy find, a rare breed, of sorts. I just usually sit there and get found, haha.

But that’s in the Seoul area. I’m in Jeonju for 3 days visiting my home stay family from last summer because it’s Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) here! It’s wonderful. It feels like the closest thing to home that I can get in this country. I’m being super well fed.

One thing that I missed most about Jeonju was the fact that I’m called pretty all the time while I’m here. When they first saw me again, my home stay family just kept going on and on about how pretty I’ve gotten. I’ll take it. But with a smaller city, comes less foreigners. With less foreigners, come more stares at me. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, I guess.

Tata for now,



2 thoughts on “Sticking out.

  1. lol “posted in blackness”
    That must feel really weird getting stared at like that. I guess being easy to spot is nice but I wouldn’t think it balances everything out. Cheusok sounds really cool,we have to wait over a month for our Thanksgiving.

    See ya!

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