It’s funny you think that.

Ahh, cultural differences. The topic of the week for my Korean class! So, when our teacher asked us what was surprising to us about Korean culture when we first got here, her attention went to me. I can’t say that I didn’t expect that. I’d like to think that there are more cultural differences between the U.S. and Korea than there are between China and Korea (in an earlier post, I mentioned that my class is all Chinese people).

For some reason, even though I have two freaking blogs about this topic, I drew a blank. Ugh. The only thing I could think of was the lack of dark skinned people. She tried asking other students what had surprised them about Korea, but there was no response. I finally blurted out, “흑인이 없는 것!!”(“There are no black people!!”) Oops..I didn’t meant to do that.

What’s funny is, she said, “Oh no, there are a lot of black people.”

“Maybe there’s a lot for Korean standards,” I said.

“They’re everywhere. You just don’t see them. Got it?”


I can’t even say that there’s a lot in America, let alone Korea. If you look at the numbers, I don’t doubt that African-Americans are less than 5% of the foreigner population. And foreigners only account for 3% of the Korean population. Soooooo…I’d still like to think that there aren’t a lot of black people here. Can I have that? See here for more info on foreigner population in Korea. I would like to say “LAWYER-ED” like the great Marshall Ericson, but I’m not a lawyer – in which case, I’ll say “AMERICAN-ED”. Not sure if this makes sense. I’m going to bed.

Rant over. Stay beautiful, everyone.

Write ya later,



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