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I’m Baaaaacckkkkk!!!


^^ Me after climbing a mountain (Suraksan/술악산)

I’m back to blogging! And I’m back to Korea 🙂 Well…I’ve been back to Korea for a lil’ bit now – returned on August 17th, 2016. If you’ve been following me for a hot second, you would know that this is my third extended stay in this land that I love. This time around, I’m here as an English teacher with the EPIK program (dreams really do come true ❤ )! There are pleeeentttyyyy of blogs and resources in the interwebs for EPIK teachers so I don’t want to touch on that too much unless I get overwhelming desire from you, my dear readers.

As it’s been almost two months since I’ve arrived, I have loads to share with you all. Upcoming topics include:

  • Third time around and still riding the struggle-bus
  • My ‘hood and why I love living in Jamsil
  • Finding and keeping friends as an expat
  • Prioritizing your life in a foreign country
  • Why in God’s name am I doing this, anyway?
  • Language acquisition and language loss while abroad
  • Popular Korean app translations and an updated list on what to download
  • Tips of the trade: Korean Karaoke (noraebang)
  • Foreign English teacher probs
  • How to survive Korean nightlife (clubs, taxis, subways, and people)
  • Navigating Seoul as a minority of the minorities
  • Keeping your sanity in a foreign land
  • Navigating Seoul’s Nightlife

…and more as I think of them 🙂

Let’s go for a ride!

Christina ❤


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