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A quick little update – Mama’s here!

Look at how small she is ❤

Hello, loves!

I’ve been absent for a hot second but I promise I had good reason. The past couple of weeks have been super jam-packed! I’ve hung out with friends who’ve come here for vacation, Christmas happened, NYE happened, and I’m (probably over-)preparing for my first solo trip ever to Malaysia and Singapore! *btw, @any of my readers, if you’ve been to either of these countries, hit me uuuup – I need tips*  Most importantly, however, my mama is here to visit me! Now that I have the means to do so (thanks Korea), I decided to give her and myself a nice Christmas/New Years gift and fly her out here! Guys, she’s so cute and amazed by everything, it’s precious.

I’ve been really tired this week so it’s hard to play tour-guide all the time, but I’ve been trying to show her around as much as I can! Yesterday, I needed her to bring something to me at school/work (yes, I’m still working while she’s here ㅠㅠ ) so I gave her what I thought were some pretty foolproof directions from my apartment to my school. I only live a 3 minute walk away from work, but she’s only here for 2 weeks so she doesn’t have any cell phone service. So if she gets lost, there’s no way of her contacting me.

Apparently, she got lost, lol. She asked 2 people if they spoke English and neither of them did. Then as she was going to cross the street, there was a man crossing the street walking in her direction. A little birdie told her to ask him and luckily he knew English! She asked “Do you know where the public school is around here?” Well first issue, there are lots of schools in my neighborhood, haha. The man asked her which school and I never told her the name so she didn’t know :/ Whoopsies. Then he asked “What’s the name of the person you’re looking for?” And she responded, “Oh, you don’t know her, she’s not Korean.” Here comes the crazy part…

Homedude asks my mom, “Is her name Christina?” WHAT. How…. Who???? Her jaw just drops and she asks him “umm, how do you know my daughter?” His response: “Oh, she doesn’t know me. I’m an English teacher at a different school. Your daughter works in that building right over there.”

I don’t know if I should be amazed or terrified??? Like why do people in random schools know me?? But in this case, it’s a good thing he did know who I was so he was able to point my mom in the right direction!

Anyways, ta ta for now and hope to chat one more time before I head to sunny Malaysia!

Stay beautiful,

Christina ❤



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