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Korean Cafes Galore


Haiiii everyone!

On Thursday I’m going to be doing my FIRST SOLO TRIP EVER to Malaysia and Singapore! I’ll be visiting the Kuala Lumpur, Penang, an island called Langkawi, and of course Singapore. Pumped to escape Korean winter for a hot second – currently trying to tie together all of the loose ends I have…*if you have any tips plz hit a sista up kthxbai* So before I leave, I’d like to take a little time to update you all on some of the stuff I did with my mom while she was here.

It was a cold Saturday and my mom and I did a little cafe tour of Seoul! The first one we went to I talked about in a previous post, but I hadn’t actually been able to visit yet. Galapagos Coffee is in the cute neighborhood of Sangsu/상수, which is walking distance to Hongdae. As I mentioned before, this cafe is special because it’s home to a tortoise and a sugar glider! I love turtles (I think they’re so cute) and I’d never seen a sugar glider before. When I walked in, I almost tripped over the tortoise because I forgot he was going to be wandering around willy nilly haha. But he was so cute and carefree it made me happy.

I wander how many times this poor guy has been stepped on :/

So my mom and I were at the cafe for awhile and the sugar gliders were nowhere to be seen. I was pretty salty and they were really the main reason I wanted to go.But! As were about to leave, one of the employees brought out 4 sugar gliders in a little bowl-type thing! We were able to stick our pinky finger into some white sauce substance and then WE FED THE SUGAR GLIDERS AND THEY LICKED OUR PINKIES IT WAS SO CUTE I WAS SO HAPPY I WILL NEVER FORGET HOW SWEET AND PRECIOUS THAT WAS. Okay I’ll calm down now, but seriously, they were so sweet and adorable *cries*. I didn’t know that sugar gliders are nocturnal so that’s why they weren’t out the whole time. Also oops I forgot to talk about the drinks – they were on the pricey side (7,000-8,000 won/each) but seeing as there was no fee to interact with the animals I feel like it was reasonable. My mom loved her vanilla latte and my milk tea was exquisite!

Worst picture quality ever but they were so little and I was squealing the whole time so I couldn’t keep still lol

Hongdae is also home to a Raccoon Cafe! I’m the kind of girl who likes to go against the grain a bit so I wanted something more exciting than dog and cat cafes (although puppies are the world’s most perfect beings #dontarguemeaboutityouwilllose) My mom and I got there and the place was packed!! There were no seats so we weren’t allowed to go in but the place was completely chaotic and swimming with critters so maybe it was a good thing haha. See below for a cutie pie.

Am I the only one who thinks raccoons are cute and not dirty?

Last stop was a massage cafe!! I’d actually never heard of one of these, but we stumbled upon it as we were walking in Hongdae and decided to go in. At Mr. Healing Cafe, you pay 13,000 won (about $11.00) and you get a 50 minute massage in a chair that feels like you have 10 hands working on your body and a cafe drink! Warning, as my mom found out the hard way, do not go here if you like soft, relaxing massages. I like my massages to be a little rough so I enjoyed it, but my mom was quite surprised haha. The machine stretches you out for 20 minutes then using the remote, you get to choose what the machine focuses on for the next 30 minutes. I absolutely loved it and felt so invigorated afterwards – also, no back pain for a week! I did have some bruises on my back, however, after being beat up by the machine  haha. It was almost 9:30pm by the time we got our drinks so we didn’t want any caffeine so I got a mango juice and my mom got honey tea! Both super yummy. You get your drink after the massage btw, we were confused at first.

The magical massage chair. This baby worked wonders from head to toe.

Okay I’m done yayyyy. Next time I’ll write about ourtrip to the DMZ! Or Malaysia, we’ll see. Sayonara!

Stay beautiful,

Christina ❤


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